I took a client fishing in Prince William Sound three days ago, and he had brought with him a few of your Shorty 150 lures, which he wanted to try on halibut, rockfish, and ling cod here in Alaska.  I was very impressed with the fish-catching and general casting and handling performance of the lures. In two days of fishing, the Shorty 150 lures accounted for about fifty black rockfish, four good sized ling cod, two silver salmon, and three halibut--18, 35, and 72 pounds. 

Jim Earnshaw,
Professional Guide/Angler
Outdoor Specialties Company, Eagle River, AK

My first choice to put walleyes in the livewell is a Hopkins 
Lure.  The Shorty and the Smoothy are what keep me at the top of the 
leader board.

Have a great day,

Ed Clements
Professional Angler
Maximus Sportfishing, Bay City, MI

Thanks to your spoons, I have won at least $50,000 in tournaments the past several years and plan to keep using them in future events.

Daryl Christensen
Professional Angler/Spokesman, Montello, WI

Introduced to your lures by several bait and tackle shops on Cape Hatteras, like Frisco Bait and Tackle in Frisco, NC and Dillon's Corner, (by Chester Brit and Al Mury, before his passing) in Buxton, NC. Great for surf fishing. Hit a blitz of Blues and they took your lure as fast as it hit the water. I'm going to try your lure in our local lakes and reservoirs for Muskies and in the Delaware River for Walleye. Very impressed with the success I've experienced with your lure. I've even bought some extras and given them to my friends.

Charles Almer

I'm 53 years old and fished on the surf since I've been 7 with my father and we alway caught fish on the hopkins lures, Love them!
Thanks again!!!

Russ Hoff, Vista,Texas

Hello, I'd like to start by saying I've used Hopkins lures for over 40 years. I grew up in Connecticut, on Long Island Sound, and had great success, catching striped bass, bluefish, mackerel etc...on Hopkins lures. Now I live in the mountins of Virginia, there are a lot of lakes to fish, and my passion has now turned to walleye, Thank you for a great lure.

Tim Herndon,
Abingdon, VA

Years ago, I used Hopkins stainless steel lures for Striped bass in New England. It was a killer to say the least. While living here in Washington State, I noticed Salmon fishermen fishing the migration salmon in the fresh water rivers with herring, and only during the early hours of the day. Then they would head home after the sun came up, saying "Salmon don't bite in streams during sunny days" Again, the flash of the Hopkins lure pulled through for me. Just so happens this lure opened a whole new interest in mid day fishing. It is a killer for our Chinook. Thanks for a quality product that I could count on for generations.

George D. Rainha,
Leavenworth, WA

We launched into Prince William Sound from the small port town of Whittier, and drove out about 40 miles, I was jigging off the bottom with the same Shorty 150 that I was using last time out. After catching 8 or 9 rockfish, a couple of gray cod, a black bass, and a couple of sculpin, I hooked a much larger fish. The fish turned out to be a 53 inch long, 72 pound halibut, that we finally were able to land the fifth time I brought it into view from the boat.  The fish ran all the way back to the 65 foot bottom and then out away from the boat even further four times!  That was quite a workout for me--it certainly warmed up the rainy cool day.

Jim Earnshaw, Professional Guide
Eagle River, AK

Wow, we just came back from Venice, La...boated over 100 Redfish, over half on the Hopkins Spoons...



Cajun Phil & Capt. Kevin come up big with the Hopkins Spoon! (See link!)

Father-son team, Cajun Phil & Captain Kevin Broussard Win The Redfish Cup Championship And Team of The Year Award 2009

Cajun Phil &
Captain Kevin Broussard